Node.js GraphQL & PostgreSQL Quickstart

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GraphQL is an API query language that aims to replace REST. With GraphQL, you can combine data from multiple sources into one response and expose it as a single API endpoint. We’ll explore one option in this below: querying data from PostgreSQL.


From your terminal, install the necessary packages:

npm i pg-promise graphql graphql-tools cors body-parser express graphql-server-express

PostgreSQL Connection

First, we’ll setup a PostgreSQL connection instance:

Sample GraphQL Resolver

Now, let’s create a simple GraphQL resolver to retrieve the data from Postgres:

Sample GraphQL Schema

Next, we’ll tell GraphQL which fields we can query and what values to expect in the response:

Sample GraphQL Server

Last, spin up an express server hosting our new API:


And that’s it! You can now point your browser to localhost:3000/graphiql for a GUI representation. Don’t forget to create your users table in Postgres!

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