My holidays 2017 Reading List

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My immediate post-college self chose what I read with the mentality “if this doesn’t level me up professionally, it isn’t worth my time.” I became knowledgeable in everything from mindfulness techniques to product management. Unfortunately, it turns out cutting out all of the leisurely content from your life turns you into something that acts more like a robot and eventually you get burnt out. Recently I started including more “for fun” written content into my routine and I can honestly say it made me more focused at work, more energetic, more reflective about how I spend my free time, and my hair definitely has much more volume. (Okay, maybe not that last one).

Anyways, the holidays are almost here and I’m excited to get to these books!


Something I should’ve read a long time ago. Why is 42 so important?

After watching The Flash on CW since inception, I really need some time travel that makes sense.

  • TBD! Recommend me something :)

To Level-up

I feel like the perspective gained from basic astrophysics would solve much of today’s societal ignorance. Let’s all learn! I’ll start!

A book I’m particularly excited about, given my interest in mindfulness and meditative psychotherapy.

One I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t heard of until recently. Empathizing with and understanding the perspective of people that don’t look like you is difficult. I’m expecting Between the World and Me to teach me a significant amount.


Rick Remender. Enough said.

  • Montress - Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda

One of the most interesting comics I’ve read in awhile, both artistically and conceptually.

A woman bounty hunter, that works for, betrays, and is then hunted by Darth Vader. I’m in.

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